8th AGM of 2075 (Jul 21, 2018) EON

The 8th Annual General Meeting of Education For Orphans Of Nepal (EON) was called on order today 2075/04/05, in our office located at Chuchepati by our President Mr. Ang Kami Sherpa.


Board Members:

  1. Mr. Ang Kami Sherpa (President)
  2. Mrs. Mandira Manandhar (Vice President)
  3. Mr. Sonam Tshering Sherpa (Treasurer)
  4. Mr. Pasang Norbu Sherpa (Secretary)
  5. Mrs. Kalyani Maharjan (Board Member)
  6. Miss Dolma Sherpa (Board Member)
  7. Mr. Pemba Tamang (Board Member)

General Members

  1. Mr.Dawa Nuru Sherpa
  2. Miss.Tsering Doma Sherpa
  3. Mr.Pasang Nuru Sherpa
  4. Miss.Choti Sherpa
  5. Mr.Bhuwan Maharjan


  1. Report from the President
  2. Treasurer Report
  3. Future Plans
  4. Team Formation/New Membership
  5. Auditing
  6. Others

Agenda 1:

In tenure 2075 EON (Education for Orphans of Nepal), have decided to serve 44 children in their educational journey. Among these 44 students, 13 students are fully financed while other 31 children have been provided with financial support for their education except the hostel facilities. And the organization has also been undergoing several social work programs in various sectors like building health post, drinking water project in Kaule Bazar-4, Bungkot and building an office for EPSA training center. Beside this EON has also managed to organize a picnic for the kids who are under EON umbrella where these children were able to interact with each other. In this day EON also distributed the kids with the school bags and necessary clothings as per the rituals of the organization every year. To make every statement even clear our chairman also showed the images of various programs conducted under the EON umbrella through PowerPoint presentation.

Agenda 2:

Here the treasurer report for tenure 2075/76 was provided by the treasurer that comprised of all the details of the financial transactions that included the expenses and the contribution that were provided by the donor to the organizations.

Agenda 3:

EON has always been trying to serve as many children as possible and making their lives fruitful by providing them with their utmost need that is education. With this goal in mind in coming years too EON has plans for serving children as per the need.

Agenda 4:

Agenda 4 being one of the crucial parts, playing a major role for coming tenure took a very long discussion and suggestions. For the new board member formation, the agenda was thrown on the floor for the interested candidate to take up the future responsibilities. Since there was no one who stepped forward to take up the candidacy, it has been decided that the current board members will again continue in coming tenure 2076/77. Thus, the upcoming board members will remain in the same position and carry out their duties. The board has also decided to take in new members in coming tenure. With board approval Miss. Tsering Doma Sherpa, Miss Choti Sherpa (Ex- EON sponsored child) will be joining EON  and Mr. Pasang Nuru Sher as a new member from tenure 2075  with new enthusiasm and dedication. Board Members are also very happy to welcome new members and hope for a change for betterment

Agenda 5:

The last agenda of the meeting was regarding the auditing procedures. In coming tenure 2075/76, the meeting decided to hire Registered Auditing Firm- D.B Khatri and Company to complete all the auditing procedures and submit the report.

Closing Remarks:

The president stated that he was very pleased that the members attended the meeting despite their busy schedule and their contribution for the organization.

Finally the meeting ended at 4pm with a small tea session.