The following individuals and organizations have chosen to share in the work of the EON Charity to change the future of orphans in Nepal – children who want to work hard and embrace their future, but truly need assistance. These Donors, both individual people and organizations, made a decision to financially invest in the future of our society specifically by helping these children. After careful consideration each of these EON donors sacrificed substantially at their own individual level. They inspire us to become socially responsible, and they have followed their hearts with action. We and our EON children recognize them as ‘Heart People’.
In 2010, the World Economic Forum in Cologny/Geneva Switzerland became the first Patron of the Education for Orphans of Nepal charity. Due to the +15 year relationshipf MatterhornNepal-GuideSource Treks & Expeditions’ guiding outdoor activities for the Forum, the Founder and Executive Chairman Professor Klaus Schwab, expressed interest in supporting the EON Charity’s work.

The World Economic Forum, Geneve CH – Prof Klaus Schwab
Mr/Mrs. Mikkel & Marie Henriksen
Mrs. Ingeborg Dénes, Zürich
DA-Desk LLC, Dubai, UAE
Agency Gerald Piunti, Zurich CH – Mr Gerald Piunti
Ambrogio Transport SpA, Italy – Mr Livio Ambrogio
Mr Tony Mountford, United Kingdom
Fashion Company AG – Mr Enzo Cagol
Weber Solutions AG – Mr Roger Weber
The Klaus and Gertrud Conrad Foundation, Burgkunstadt Germany
MatterhornNepal-GuideSource Treks & Expeditions (P) Ltd., Europe & Asia
Kanti Children’s Hospital, Kathmandu Nepal
Mr/Mrs. André & Silvia Lüthi
Mr/Mrs. Peter Lochner-Conrad, Angelica Conrad
Mrs. Kate Grünter -Crowther
Mr/Mrs. Peter & Bettina Holzach
Mr/Mrs. Sunil and Paloma Vora
Mr/Mrs. Heribert Schmitt-Willich & Christine Glombitza
Mr/Mrs. Armin and Irene Bantlik
Mr./Mrs Reudi and Erika Kaser

Melih Nurleul & Family, Anieres, CH
Iben & Ole Henriksen, Denmark
Lisbet & Herluf Henriksen, Denmark
Julie Tompkins-Wagner, Geneva, CH
Janet Bouwmeester, Geneva, CH
Kerstin Baeriswyl, Geneva, CH
Valerie Bryant-Bennett, Knoxville TN USA
Mireille Engel, Austin Texas USA
Dr Timothy C Hill & Mrs Robbie Hill, Australia
Dr Franz Vigi, Italy
Mr Daniel Christoph Annaheim
Mme Fon Mathuro
Mme & Mr Danielle and Johan Boiston
The World Economic Forum Staff, Geneve CH
Tradall SA, Bacardi, Geneve CH
Mr. Johan Maier
Mr & Mme Heinrich and Heidi Haller
Anonymous, in the name of Nicolas Romanova
Mr & Mme Peter and Barbara Guenther
Mr Hans Peter Tschoop
Mrs. Gabriela Beatrice Bachli
Miss. Fraenzi Schuler
Mrss. Kate Grünter -Crowther
Miss.Pascale Breitenmoser                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

THANKING ALL THE EON PATRONS AND SUPPORTERS. We could not have accomplished our goals without the support, involvement and enthusiam of our kind EON PATRONS & SUPPORTERS.