"Kamaltar Health Care Center Project"

kamaltar health care

Project Overview

  • Project Location: Kamaltar – 05, Gorkha, Nepal
  • Project Initiation Date: 08/12/2016
  • Project Completion Date: 15/12/2018
  • Supporter: Education For Orphans of Nepal

Project Details

Kamaltar is a small village located in Palungtar Municipality, southwest from the district head quarter of Gorkha district and 145km to the west from the Capital city (Kathmandu). Majority of the population are farmers. Health is on of the basic and essential human need, and there has been made various efforts by the government to improve its access to the overall Nepalese population. Regardless, there are still many underprivileged and borderline populations in various rural areas, who are devoid to the access for basic health facilities. Similarly, due to the lack of basic health services in the Kamaltar region, local people have dealt with various health issues and problems that had affected their health adversely. Thus, a need of health care center was felt and it was decided by the Kamal tar committee meeting on 10th August 2016 to build a Health Care Center through the logistic funding by Rotary Club of Switzerland. The project was thus executed under the Education of Orphans in Nepal (EON). The project was officially started from 8th Dec, 2016 with as estimation to complete with in 2 years i.e. Dec,2018. According to the terms and conditions, it was decided that the community people would be providing the necessary land area and labor required for the project. The project was executed by EON, the work and progress of the project was regularly assessed and monitored by the representative team from EON.

Objectives of the project:-
• To provide basic health service to the underprivileged and local people in Kamaltar.
• To provide safe pregnancy delivery care and service to pregnant women.
• To avoid maternity and neo natal death rate in the community.
• To provide primary health service to the community people and those in need for health facilities.
• To raise public health awareness among the community people on family planning, immunization, environmental sanitation, and also many more program in regards to improve health.

The construction of Kamaltar Health Center was completed in November 2018. The Health center is currently serving 650 houses i.e. a population of 3500 with basic health services, including; immunization, basic first aid management of accidents, etc. The Health Center is currently run by 2 medical staffs and 1 helper for the next two years i.e. end of Dec 2020. The project was completed within estimated time period. According to the previously made agreement, the project will be contributing salaries for the staffs and medical supplies including equipment and medicines to the health center until the end of Dec, 2020. In the end of the year 2020 the health center will be Legally handed over to the Kamaltar Municipality for its further functioning and sustainability.
The local people of Kamaltar village are extremely overwhelmed and thankful to Rotary Club of Switzerland for their cordial support. Without your logistics and fund support it would not be possible. The Village committee members of Kamaltar village also would like to express their immense gratitude to Ms. Sophie Winkler and representatives from EON family for their coordination and assistance. This project has given the people in the rural region of Nepal for an easy and accessible health service facility , which will help the cure health problems, prevent all the preventable diseases and promote their health status and overall wellbeing.

No. of houses:- 650
No. of population:- 3500
Sustainability of the project.
Implement the project making, co-ordination with the government bodies Education for Orphans of Nepal (EON) works together with public authorities such as SWC,CDO, DDC, and VDC as well as considered on peoples participation methodology.
This will be 4 room and 2 toilet.

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